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The highest number of Women Ministers in the history of Somalia


The highest number of Women Ministers in the history of Somalia

For the first time, the Somali government has broken the record in appointing the highest number of Women Ministers in the history of Somalia’s cabinet. Given vital roles in many important stance in the government, we hope these Sisters will fulfil their duties, achieve their goals, while making a difference in bettering their country and their people.

We cannot forget that many women have fought hard for us to accomplish this goal, therefore it is in your hands today to prove their fight RIGHT, to show the world our perennial strength; the affinity in power, the love in leading, and the harmonizing of mourning souls.

Congratulations Ladies; And may Allah guide you away from the core of corruption and shelter you into the heart of righteous doings.

1. Xil. Maryan Aweys Jamaac – Wasiirada Dekedaha & Gaadiidka Badda
2. Khadra Axmed Ducaale – Wasiirada Wasaaradda Ganacsiga & Warshadaha
3. Deeqa Yaasiin Xaaji Yuusuf – Wasiirada Haweenka & Xuquuqul Insaanka
4. Dr. Fawziya Abiikar Nuur – Wasiirada Caafimaadka & Daryeelka
5. Xil. Khadija Maxamed Diiriye – Wasiirada Dhalinyarada & Isboortiga
6. Dr. Maryam Qaasim Axmed – Wasiirada Gargaarka & Maareynta Masiibooyinka

In English:

1. MP Maryan Aweys Jama – Minister of Ports & Marine Transport
2. Khadra Ahmed Duale – Minister of Commerce & Industry
3. Deeqa Yasin Haji Yuusuf – Minister of Women & Human Rights
4. Dr. Fawziya Abiikar Nuur – Minister of Health
5. MP. Khadija Mohamed Diiriye – Minister of Youth & Sports
6. Dr. Maryam Qassim Axmed – Minister of Relief Aid and Disaster Management



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