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Meet Ramla Ali – The Champion boxer who is breaking down barriers…


Meet Ramla Ali – The Champion boxer who is breaking down barriers…

Her mother got her a gym pass to fight her insecurities, but little did she know, her daughter was training to become the ultimate champion in boxing.

“I’m hoping to be the first boxer ‘male or female’ to compete for Somalia,” she proudly states in an interview with Dalsoor. Ramla is training hard and long hours in the boxing ring, determined to represent her country in the Olympics 2020.

Ramla Ali, got into boxing in secondary school after being bullied for being overweight. It all started when her mother got her a membership pass at the local gym, where she came across a boxing class being taught once a week. She started attending the class, but once-a-week carried no significance for Ramla, so she pursued for something more challenging.

Afraid to be judged or halted from boxing, she continued to train furtively, concealing her new-found passion from her own family. Fearful in the case that her parents would find out, she lied about her bruises and cuts, and blamed it on her clumsiness. “Your parents are always doing what they think is right for you, they only do it to protect you, and they’re not doing it to deny you of your dreams or to be horrible,” Ramla comments, elucidating why she hid her love for boxing from her family for many years.

In 2016, she won the National Title in her weight, defeated her opponent for the English Belt, and competed in the European games. Although she didn’t win any medals in the European games, she defeated her opponents in the GB championships few weeks later. “I have literally won every title there is to win in this country,” she states with a grin, highlighting that her journey has just begun.

Bravely, she breaks barriers, that was built to hold back her kind. We hope that she inspires other young Somali sisters to succeed in their aspirations, and dreams.

Ramla currently teaches self-defence and fitness ladies-only classes, at Urban Warriors Academy in Vauxhall.

May Allah give you the strength you need to succeed in your journey Ramla. We wish the you the best.

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