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Meet Samira Abdirahman, the First Cheese Artisan in Somalia


Meet Samira Abdirahman, the First Cheese Artisan in Somalia

Meet Samira Mohamed Abdirahman, the Swedish-Somali chef and baker, who went back to Somalia, to become the first female cheese artisan in the war-torn country.

Abdirahman left Somalia as a little girl, and has recently returned to Mogadishu after being away for more then twenty years. When she arrived in Mogadishu, she was inspired by the fruitful resources that was available, thus decided to produce something everyone loved but couldn’t find in their local market.

She launched her company, Samira Soomaal, which is the only manufacturer of dairy product such as cheese, butter, whip-cream, and yogurt in Somalia. She sources her milk from local farmers who herd cows, goats, and camels.

Before embarking on her dairy production, Abdirahman and her father attended apprenticeship in Sweden to become cheese artisans. Today, the father-and-daughter duo have teamed up to become the only cheese artisans in the war-torn country, proffering their products to local markets, and restaurants.

Abdirahman’s goal was also to help signify employment opportunities for the locals as well as help boost the economy by sourcing her milk from local farmers.

“After twenty years, I’ve come back and saw the Mogadishu I knew before and the new Mogadishu are different,” Abdirahman told BBC world news. In spite of Mogadishu’s two decades of war, Somali diaspora’s are returning back to help strengthen the economy of their country by bringing forth ideas, as well as establish new business ventures.
By Yasminah Mohamed

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